JAGJIT SINGH grew up in the cradle of Indian folklore, Rajisthan. The noted musician and teacher, Ustad Jamal Khan, groomed him in the fineries of music and Jagjit followed the pursuits of music and academic learning with admirable equabili-ty. In course of time he graduated from Punjab University and flowered into a fine vocalist with a rich, resonant voice. The inimitable style of his singing reveals the training he took in classical music for years.

A highly talented and prolific singer of India, Jagjit Singh has given performances all over India. He has won immense laurels from his concert tours in Japan, the Far East, the Middle East countries, Africa and Britain.

CHITRA SINGH, his beautiful wife has literally grown up in the cradle of music. Her mother, Smt. Krishna Shome, discovered Chitra's potential talents early, and put her heart and soul to provide the young one with proper guidance in music. Endowed with the natural gift of a sweet voice, Chitra, a graduate from Calcutta University-took to her musical training in right earnest and, slowly but surely, acquired for herself an enviable position in the field of ghazal singing. Her later training in professional-ism was given by Jagjit Singh.

This young charmer, part of the famous Jagjit Singh-Chitra Singh duo, has been acclaimed far and wide for the clarity of words and subtlety of expression.

It is a pity that after the sad demise of their son Vivek, Chitra lost the urge to sing. The music world still adores her voice and would want her to continue from where she had left off. Her enchanting voice when she sang the geets of Shiv Kumar Batalvi still echo in our ears, "Jaanch Meinoo aa Gayi Gham Khaan dee" and many more geets and ghazals to her credit implore her to return to the world of music, which after her sad experience will be a solace to her tormented soul.

Jagjit and Chitra with their only son Vivek, whom they lost in an accident.
The entire music of this duo was mostly composed and arranged by Jagjit Singh. Jagjjt Singh, with his thorough knowledge of modern orchestration, gave a new dimension to the ghazals. His catchy rhythms and soulful music are a treat, some-times serene, sometimes frivolous and always thoroughly enjoyable. Jagjit prefers to draw on the traditional heritage of Ragas to form the basis of his tunes-and proceeds further to embellish them with modern orchestration. As a result, a distinctive and delightful blending of the traditional and the modern mark his musical compositions.
Two maestros - Jagjit and Gulzar. This duo was responsible for rejuvenating Mirza Ghalib-the 19th century poet in the excellent serial "Mirza Ghalib', where the story and music blended into an intoxicating elixir of life for the Ghazal connoisseur.
"Beyond Time" an excellent piece of music recorded under the expert guidance of Jagjit Singh, which combines music with the rippling of the ocean in the Ghazal "Teri Ankhon Ke Samander..." A rare piece of music never ever performed.
The creator of this web site with the Maestro in his Bombay Studio

The stupendous success of "The Unforgettables" the first LP of Ghazals inspired HMV to go outdoors and do live recordings of concerts by these artists.

In India and in other countries this famous huisband and wife team has given a new dimension to their performances in concerts.

Their ability to establish a rapport with their audience, overwhelming them and making the evening a memorable experience is so evident in all their major public performances.

A wide range of repertoire...from ghazals to Punjabi Geets...encores and applause of the audience...can be enjoyed in all their live performances on their LP's and CD's

Jagjit Singh has sung quite a few ghazals written by a very accomplished Punjabi lyricist, whose flair of poetry is in a class of its own.He is the talented Madanpal, an Amritsar born, whose talent as a lyric writer are now a homely name in the Mumbai Music Circles and the Bollywood.

The albums of Jagjit with this talented writer are:-

Ecstacies: Desires: Best talents of the eighties: Aaj: Ashiana: Ashiqui: Dil ka kya kasoor : chehra kya dekhta..and many more songs are to his credit.

Presenting some rare photos from his biography 'Beyond Time' The Ageless Music of Jagjit Singh
Compositions on the poetry by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former PM India
The Music lover is also a horse lover and owns a few horses
Late son Vivek trying his little hand at tabla
The youth Jagjit
Monica step daughter of Jagjit with Vivek
The Family
Inter-College Winners of song contests
Jagjit Singh
Jagjit behind his father's bike
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