Dasam Pita-Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Pg 2
One of the two Pathans who had been sent by Nawab Wazir Khan of Sirhind stabbed the Guru on his left near the heart. The Guru was injured badly and in October 1708 AD while trying to pull a stiff bow his wounds opened and according to the mainstream Sikh reports, before he died, he proclaimed the Adi Granth as the final Guru. However, this belief is not shared by the Namdharis, who have a different version of his death, and believe that the Gurgaddi is still continuing. This can be seen in the chapter of 'Namdhari Gurus' and in the researches section-"The death of Guru Gobind Singh"
The pens of Guru Gobind Singh Ji with which he used to write at Paonta Sahib. Probably these were used to write the great epic"Dasam Granth".
The Kangha (comb) and Kamarkassa (belt) of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
A miniature painting of Guru Gobind Singh Ji with his sevaks.
A painting of Dasmesh Pita Ji by GS Sohan Singh.
Three paintings on Glass by the maestro Sobha Singh - done around 1940's
Sayyed Pir Buddhu Shah presenting his sons to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, prior the battle of Bhangani.
The Graceful Darbar of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
The Guru riding out with his army tto battle the evil forces of the Mughal Empire
A Gutka with the sacred autograph of Guru Gobind Singh Ji given to Bhai Dharam Singh (Pyara) and now with his descendents at the house of Bagrian. (Courtesy- Nishaan)
Battle of Anandpur
Mother and sons of Guru Gobind Singh, after the Anandpur battle, reach Sirhind, where the princes, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh were bricked.
Guru Gobind Singh leading his army to battle
Some scenes from the life of Guru Gobind Singh. A tilak being applied - hunting a lion and with his falcon and horses
The severed head of Guru Teg Bahadur, after his martyrdom in Delhi, being brought to Anandpur Sahib
A rare sketch of Dasam Pita - the paintings courtesy of World Sikh Heritage Museum
A painting of Guru Gobind Singh by an unknown Sikh Artist, around 1810 - Chandigarh Museum courtesy M.S.Randhawa 'Indian Miniature Painting' - the following article on Sikh Painting is also from above book with Thanks
These paintings are from "The Sikhs-Images of a Heritage", T.S.Randhawa
Guru Gobind Singh with the Panj Pyaras
Guru Ji with his followers- Gilded panels at the Darbar Sahib
Guru Gobind Singh with Panj Pyaras.

Guru Ji with his four sons- Ajit Singh, Jhujhar Singh, Zorawar Singh & Fateh Singh. (Courtesy T.S.Randhawa)

Shoes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj at Gurdwara Joda sahib (Faridkot) - photo courtesy Balwinder Singh

Bhai Sukhmandar Singh Ji with shoes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Photo courtesy Balwinder Singh)

Blue chola of Guru Gobind Singh ji whichGuru ji removed & changed to white chola at Dhilwan village near kotkapura and is now with sodhi family of Nangal near kotkapura (courtesy Prof Balwinder Singh)

Wooden shoes of Mata Sundri ji (wife of Guru Gobind Singh Ji)at village Chak Fateh Singh wala near Bhucho (Bathinda) (photo courtesy Prof Balwinder Singh)

Guru Gobind Singh Ji was going from Alamgir to Raikot.Ring which Guru Ji was wearing was tight on swollen finger.Guru ji got it cut from  iron smith Bhai Jawala Of Mohi village near Mullanpur (Ludhiana) on 31 dec 1704..Bhai Mehar singh ji now at Bhamipura village near Jagraon (Ludhiana),the 6th descendent Of Bhai Jawala Ji is in possession of that ring & the file with which it was cut

Bhai Mehar Singh with ring & original file with which the ring was cut. (Courtesy Prof: Balwinder Singh)

Arms of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Paonta Sahib

Writing pens of Guru Ji at Paonta Sahib

Swords of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Delhi's Mata Sundri Ji gurudwara (Courtesy Prof. Balwinder Singh)

Dhaal (shield) of Guru Gobind Singh with which He distributed golden coins to His army at nanded. (courtesy Prof. Balwinder Singh)

Arrows Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Baba Natha Singh Ji gurudwara ,kapurgarh (Courtesy Prof. Balwinder Singh)

Guns of Mai Bhago at Nanded Sahib. (Courtesy Prof.Balwinder Singh)

Painting of Guru Gobind Singh Ji on hand written Bir at nanded.(Courtesy Prof.Balwinder Singh)

Sword Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Baba Natha Singh Ji gurudwara ,kapurgarh (Courtesy Prof. Balwinder Singh)

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