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The sikh heritage stores one of the richest treasure of the Nation.

Sikh Art is very rich in paintings with the most accomplished artists of the time. Bio-data and paintings of some renowned artists are presented. The art of music in Sikhism is another aspect of this site.

The divine and glorious life of Sikh Gurus is an inspiration to us all to try to follow on their footsteps and create a life of piety and honour.

Sikh Movements
Religious movements are founded when the social and religious structure of the people is degraded, and to uplift their character and morality movements have played a distinct part in Sikhism. Some rare sects, which are heard of but not much is known about them are presented in this section.

Sikh Warriors
The Sikh Warriors are the pride of the Nation without whom the existence of the Sikh Nation would have been like a body without a soul.


Most important for any religion to study their scriptures and adhere to its writings.