Be More Proud to Be Sikh after knowing these facts!!
Did you know one of the largest blood donation campaigns according to Canadian Blood Services is done by the Sikh community under the banner of “Sikh Nation?”
Did you know that one of the largest food drives for homeless persons is being done by the Sikh community under the banner of “Sikhcess?”
Did you know that the Sikh community has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars at various hospitals across Canada to create new facilities or improve patient care?
Did you know that there are practicing Sikhs in the Canadian military who have served in Afghanistan and on other missions as high ranking officers?
Did you know there are also high ranking RCMP officers, successful Sikh politicians, pioneering Sikh doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and tradespeople?
Did you know that Sikhs have a tradition of doing selfless service and giving one-tenth of their earnings to charity?
Did you know that Sikhs are supposed to rise early in the morning and meditate, and the central goal of Sikh spirituality is to unite our souls with the supreme soul God through remembrance of God’s essential Name and virtues?
None of these things - nor the countless other interesting facts about Sikhs - will ever appear in the Vancouver Sun or on the CBC. The popular media currently has a monopoly over the amount and the type of information that is available about the Sikh community.
Perhaps the Sikh community needs to invest in its own channels, its own reporters, its own newspapers - but also perhaps there needs to be a change in the current media organizations.

kishan singh