Baghail Singh was a brave Sikh leader of Karor Singhian Dhaliwal Jat, Baghail Singh arose from the village of Jhabal in Amritsar district to become a formidable force in the cis-Sutlej region. The Mughals, the Ruhilas, the Marathas and the British sought his friendship. In the wake of the decay of Mughal authority in Punjab Baghail Singh took possession of the Doab and established himself at Hariana near Hoshiarpur. In February 1764 AD he captured Saharanpur.
In March 1783 AD, Khalsa Dal captured the Red Fort. Shah Alam II then emperor of Delhi made a settlement with their allowing Baghail Singh to develop the historical gurdwaras in Delhi. The credit of developing seven of the present nine historical gurdwaras at Delhi goes to him, which he did staying at Subzi Mandi with 4000 followers. Baghail Singh died probably in 1802 AD at Hariana where his samadh (cenotaph) still stands