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Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

IN GURU NANAK'S FOOTSTEPS Namdhari Sikhs consider Satguru Jagjit Singh as the spiritual inheritor of legacy and mantle of the great Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh, the outstanding spiritual revolutionaries of Punjab, the land of five rivers in India. It is also the land of great religions and philosophies of the world.

He represents the great humanitarian message of Guru Nanak Dev and the spirit of justice of Guru Gobind Singh. He represents the revolutionary ideals of freedom of man given by the great Satguru Ram Singh. Millions consider him the incarnation and inheritor of the spiritual crown and throne of all these great masters. To understand what he represents and what is his mission, one must be acquainted with the tradition and the values he upholds.

Let us begin with Guru Nanak Dev. He was the greatest spiritual seer, thinker and master given to the world by Punjab, a unique region of India which gave social, political and spiritual revolutionaries of outstanding impact to India and the world, who appeared on humanscape in the 15th century.


Satguru Ram Singh sowed the seeds of his multi-dimensional revolution from Sri Bhaini Sahib in Ludhiana district of Punjab, India. The village became the 'Mother place of Revolution' in India. Sri Bhaini Sahib remains the ruling spiritual capital of Satguru Jagjit Singh and his Sikhs even today.

The British Colonial rulers of the 19th century sought to muffle the voice of revolution, which Satguru Ram Singh and his followers raised. Satguru Ram Singh who assumed the mantle of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh, inspired and organised the Namdhari Sikhs and the people of India to fight he British colonial administration, through the deadly but peaceful weapons of non-violence, resistance and non--co-operation. They arrested him and banished him from India. Years later, Mahatma Gandhi pursued the same path of non-- violent struggle to lead India to Freedom. They setup a police post right in front of the Gurdwara. the Sikh holy place of worship, in Shri Bhaini Sahib, turning the residence of the Satguru into a jail. It was in this jail that Satguru Jagjit Singh was born in November1920.

As Satguru Jagjit Singh grew he realised the great mission he represented. He is a many splendoured personality with multi dimensional missions. These include social, educational, cultural and spiritual missions. His own life is a living story of practices, which he preaches. The reigning Satguru has travelled five continents making him the greatest spiritual traveller of the world from India so far. Whenever he travels, he takes with him the good voice from India. The mission is to spread the rich Indian cultural heritage values to the wide world. His message contains several simple but effective messages. Chant Guru's name. Share your bread and prosperity with others. Earn clean and honest livelihood. Be a vegetarian. He has sought to create awakening and organise all those who are conscious and show concern for the preservation of these noble values.

It is interesting indeed that Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, born like a divine light in a jail at Sri Bhaini Sahih, was to lead Namdhari Sikhs and Indians belonging to various faiths, with many spiritually inclined men and women all over the world towards better ways of life. He gives the message of new life to citizens of India. He wants them to march on the road to progress in step with the developed nations of the world. He wants them to bring about a healthy mix between tradition and modernity, between science and spirituality.

Serving vegetarian food to the vegetarians

In 1959, when he assumed the spiritual throne from Satguru Partap Singh, he counselled and encouraged the Namdhari Sikhs to spread to various countries of the world in pursuit of new frontiers, technologies and development. As a result, over 2.5 million of Namdhari Sikhs are present in various countries of the world from Thailand to Australia and from Kenya to Uganda and the United Kingdom to United States and Canada. Wherever they have gone, Satguru Jagjit Singh's Namdhari Sikhs have earned respect and achievements in diverse professions, business and industry.


The Satguru, in his own personal life and conduct, gives the greatest importance to the distinct identity of the Namdhari Sikhs. That identity in fact is the hallmark of his message, mission, his teaching and preaching. A Namdhari Sikh must wear a simple white turban. He must be attired in a clean white costume. He should ever remember the Akal Purkh, the timeless and ageless, barrierless and deathless eternal spiritual ruler of the universe. He must devote himself to reading regularly the Gurbani and the sacred scriptures based on the word of the Gurus, the holy masters. He must be a pure vegetarian. He must abstain from all intoxicants and smoking. He must adopt the values of good conduct and honest and clean labour. He must practice high thinking and simple living. Through sweet language and kind and civilized conduct, he must make a place for himself in the hearts of others. As a true teacher holds the hand of a disciple and show him to write from the very contours of the alphabet, the Satguru has taught his devotees these good lessons for a good life.


Practices what he preaches - Reading from the Holy Adi Granth

THE TRUE MASTER When the world sleeps the Satguru awakes. He gets up in the ambrosial hours between I and 2 AM. After purifying his physical body he greets every new day with prayer meditation and worship. The spiritual throne on which he sits, the spiritual qualities and powers he has inherited during his life time, continuous conduct of a life of dedication and devotion have turned him into a spiritual lighthouse of energy and bliss. For his devotees, Of course he is a great True Master and God of the Namdhari Sikhs.

Every day hundreds of people, conscious, concerned and attracted by matters spiritual, social and humanitarian political leaders flock to him for bliss and guidance. They are overwhelmed and benefited by his grace wisdom and blessings. His polite conduct, his winning smile, his sweet words simply win their hearts and minds. They step out of their constraints and barriers and become his followers. Intellectuals, scholars and writers regularly turn to him. They ever seek his blessings. Not only to strive for the good of humanity in the welfare areas hut also for world peace and well being if all creatures. He inspires them, he leads them to follow the path, which he leads to great and rewarding destinations. Every day his life gives many things to many people in many forms, for their own good and for the good of those around them, through thought word and deed.

Classical music forms significant part of his daily thought and work. It sends significant vibrations from him to musicians, teachers and pupils. Master musicians ever hold him in great esteem. He himself is a great exponent of classic music of knowledge and note.
The Music Maestro - with the traditional musical instruments (no harmonium)


A day in the Satguru's life sees interaction with many other lives. The sick and the suffering are among special recipients of his kindness and affection. The shelterless and the hapless, old and the aged receive solace and relief at the home for the aged, which has heen setup under his inspiration.

The Saviour of the poor, old and sick
As a great nature lover, the Satguru is ever in the fore-front of environmental protection, preservation and development. He is connected with several significant projects of growing gardens in desert areas, horticulture in sand dunes and seed farming in dry and rocky areas. Few scientists of the world would know more about cows and buffaloes than Satguru Jagjit Singh, the cattle breeding centre he setup is a living proof of that.
The Lover and Protector of Nature and Animals
The Satguru feels that educational institutions are very important places for both boys and girls to learn and grow into good human beings. So, under his blessings several first rate schools, colleges and technical education centres and Satguru Ram Singh chairs have been set up and a university is being planned.
The feeder of the Children
Satguru Ji loves to play and has been a well-known patron of promotion of sports. For, he believes that healthy spirits need healthy bodies to live in. The Namdhari Sikh youngsters have been among the front rank achievers and trophy winners in the fields of hockey, badminton, skating, athletics, etc.
The Encouraging Sportsman. The Namdhari hockey squad is one of the top teams of India.


In order to promote the ideals of vegetarianism, world peace, Panjabi language, literature and culture, Satguru Ji has led, encouraged, sponsored and participated in several national, international world conferences and projects. He has mooted several significant projects to redevelop places of historic significance by raising memorials and other historical places with great architectural values and giving them a new look and lease of life.

The Peace Makers

If one were to sum up his teachings and message in a few words one could say that Naam and Baani, the sacred name and holy word, sodh and kirat, purity and good conduct and remembering the teachings of Gurus are the surest ways to good life, a better world and world peace.

Even in his 80's, Satguru Ji spends generally 20 to 21 hour working day, takes daily exercise, plays games like badminton with considerable skill and gives 'darshan' - audience- to his disciples and visitors. In his stride he addresses several spiritual meets, congregations, national and international conferences and rallies. And he travels hundreds of thousand miles every year, inside India and outside in several foreign countries in the pursuit Of his many splendoured spiritual and humanitarian missions.

His devotees consider him to be one of the wealthiest men of our time. But his wealth is different from the mundane wealth of the material-crazy and money-hungry billionaires. His riches and assets include an enlightened mind, a demeanor with great calm and composure, a healthy body, a heart ever ablossom with love and kindness, thought pure and full of power, voice full of reassuring and soothing sweetness and the richest values of good conduct which he practices. They are not for preaching alone.