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Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji

Baba Jassa. Singh Ji (father of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji) once asked Suba Sahib Singh,, to relay to Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji, that he desired for a grandson, to which Satguru Ram Singh Ji had replied that although he will not have any sons but his younger brother Budh Singh will be bestowed with sons and his elder son will be a possessor of exceptional divine virtues.

So it was on 9th March 1890, a son was born to Mata Jivan Kaur Ji, the news of which when reached Satguru Hari Singh Ji was greeted with these immortal words; "this boy will possess an amazing ecclesiastical personality and will be a great spiritual mentor and prominent luminary in the field of idealism, so name him Partap (Glorious) Singh !"

Indeed, there are very few individuals to whom is given the gift of attaining a combination of excellent virtues and distinctive qualities which establish the ideal concept of a perfect, all-embracing character. The influence of such people has been so profound that in spite of their numbers being so few, without such people, the history of mankind would have been very different. The ideal person is inherently endowed with a combination of much wisdom, esoteric knowledge, tradition and spiritual truth that has been infused already into the soul previously, and which has finally blended together to diffuse as one whole. His Holiness Satguru Partap Singh Ji belonged to this galaxy.

The exceptional intellectual young Partap Singh showed his excellence in studies and had most of the scriptures and historical books completely memorised. Satguru Hari Singh Ji once had said, "Partap Singh does not require any teaching, He is born with all the knowledge."

His horse riding and love of animals was a talent which was tremendous and executed with keen interest and vigour. His cows and buffaloes bagged immense prizes throughout India in competitions. His horses were the pride of the Indian racecourses where none of the prestigious prizes evaded them.

After the passing of Satguru Hari Singh Ji, Satguru Partap Singh Ji, at the prime age of seventeen, succeeded him on the 17th May 1906. After three years he got married to Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji, who bore him two sons, Beant Ji (Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh) and Ballo Ji (Sri Maharaj Bir Singh Ji)

He kept the torch of freedom aflame, which Satguru Ram Singh had lit. He joined the Indian National Congress and agitated against the British Rule in spite of so many restrictions, which were prevailing at the time at Sri Bhaini Sahib and the Kukas in general. His perception and personality had the British remove all restrictions from Bhaini Sahib on the 23rd May 1923.

His stand against the British kept on with various meetings at Malerkotla and other key towns. The Congress annual conference at Lahore on 31st December 1929 was very significant which was to pass the resolution of self rule, but was boycotted by Baba Kharak Singh and some sects of Sikhs but Satguru Partap Singh Ji along with his contingent of Sikhs supplied one hundred horses and supplied food for millions of agitators thus making the procession a most significant and historical event in the Indian History.

In 1937 general elections were held and in spite of opposition by various capitalists and rich organisations, Satguru Ji openly declared his support for the Congress Party and its fight for freedom.

The very important State Peoples Conference was held in 1939 at Ludhiana, which was attended by many political leaders including Pandit Jawahir Lal Nehru and Dr. Rajender Prasad. Sri Satguru Ji supplied a number of horses from His stables and along with Pandit Nehru participated personally in the procession. After this conference Pandit Nehru, Dr. Rajinder Prashad and other prominent personalities paid a visit to Sri Bhaini Sahib, where the Namdhari Shaheed (Martyrs) Paintings were exhibited. Pandit Nehru and the others were very impressed with the paintings and the historical facts behind each painting. When Pandit Nehru saw the Kukas being blown at Malerkotle, he could not stop tears coming out of his eyes. An open page of martyrdom was opened in front of them.

Satguru Partap Singh's alliance with all the different parties who were in their own way fighting for independence was cherished by all of them. Sardar Bhagat Singh, and the leaders of Azaad Hind Army were always made welcome at Sri Bhaini Sahib and each and every kind of assistance was made available to the freedom fighters. (see section Martyrs 'Freedom Fighters')

To consolidate the Sikh community, Satguru Ji was the first individual to make any real effort. In 1934 He assembled all the Sikh Factions and staged the 'Sri Guru Nanak Naam Leva' Conference. This achievement was a milestone in history and brought the discordant Sikh community much closer to each other. (see Misc. section 'Conferences')

To unite the Hindus and the Muslims Satguru Ji inaugurated two conferences. In 1943 the Hindu-Sikh Unity conference was held at Sri Bhaini Sahib which was chaired by Seth Jugal Kishore Birla. Another conference for the 'Hindu, Sikh, Muslim Unity' was also held under His auspices, which was imperative at that crucial moment when the fight for independence was being fought. This achievement consequently proved a major success. (see Misc.sect. 'Coferences').

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once asked Sri Satguru Ji if he had any special demands for the Namdhari Sikhs. To this Satguru Ji had replied that his demands are for the whole of the Sikh Nation and not for an individual sect. His desire and love for freedom of his country were the only prime issues at the time.

The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, replying to the welcome rendered to him by the Namdhari Darbar, at Sri Bhaini Sahib, after the Independence of India.

After independence the Sikh refugees from Pakistan, were given land and money at Sri Jivan Nagar; the land which Sri Satguru Ji had purchased prior to independence knowing beforehand that this kind of catastrophe was inevitable. This was but a small example of his foresight. This region of Sri Jivan Nagar is one of the best agricultural areas in the Hissar district and the people presently are thriving more than adequately.

He abolished the dowry system, which was crippling the Sikhs and made the marriage ceremony as simple as possible and affordable to the masses.

His love for the Punjabi language was another aspect of his life, and to promote it a 'Punjabi Conference' was held at Sri Bhaini Sahib in 1942, which proved to be a tremendous accomplishment. Considering the need, he opened a school and college at Sri Bhaini Sahib where besides Punjabi, classical and traditional music at its highest level is also taught. By virtue of that the Namdhari world now boasts a young generation of classical music maestros whose proficiency in playing various musical instruments is second to none.

Although his love and devotion for his country was an integral part of his life, he was on the other hand fully committed to his religion, and was not willing to compromise on any basis where the doctrines of his revered religion were in question.

He was of the conviction that whatever a person endeavors should be executed truthfully and with sincerity in mind. Any other enterprise otherwise was of no consequence.

An Epitome of Unity and Peace

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Master Tara Singh , Saif-ul-Deen Kitchloo and other political leaders, with Satguru Partap Singh Ji under the trees of Sri Bhaini Sahib, having an informal and a friendly discussion on the future of India

Satguru Ji with political leaders of All India Congress. Sri Raj Gopal Acharya, Sri Vallabh Bhai Patel, S. Partap Singh Kairon, S. Sohan Singh Josh, Sant Nidhan Singh Alam can be seen with other prominent personalities.
Celebrating Hola Mohalla at Sri Bhaini Sahib are Master Tara Singh and other Sikh Leaders who joined Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji on this auspicious occasion.
When Marshall Bulganin and Kruschev, the leaders of Soviet Russia visited India, they were entertained by Sri Satguru Ji at Sri Bhaini Sahib, where they were shown the best breeds of cows and horses.

Sant Dalip Singh of Hissar was once travelling near the mountains, and while on the road he was confronted by a tiger. Dalip Singh froze in his shoes, but gathering his wits, he at once remembered Sri Satguru Partap Singh and asked for assistance. From nowhere Sri Satguru Ji appeared and saved him from the tiger. A similar incident happened to Bhai Rai Singh, who was going to Nanded (see Satguru Ram Singh)

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